Top 5 Rolex Watches With the Greatest Loan Value

May 6th, 2022

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Rolex and its endless banter of being the best! But, why not! Given the Swiss manufacturer’s current reputation in the market, it is quite convincing to say that the brand is literally wearing the Crown. Whether it is for their craftsmanship, innovation, design, history, or because the watches hold incredible value, Rolex always manages to stay ahead in the game.

And this time, it is for its ability to retain value. If you see the Rolex graph in 2022, you’ll be surprised to see how some of the popular Rolex models are skyrocketing in value which only indicates its growth in the coming years. Moreover, if you own one of these desirable models, the watches can greatly help during financial emergencies. For instance, if ever arises a situation where you need some quick cash to meet your temporary problem, take a loan against Rolex watches to meet your needs.

Rolex watches are valuable in more than one way and prove to be an asset for a lifetime & beyond. However, you must invest in the models on the desirability list.

Top 5 Rolex Watches With The Highest Loan Value


With the prices for the gold Rolex watches steadily on the rise, it is wise to include one in your wardrobe. Not just because it looks supremely luxurious but because the watches attract an incredibly high price in the secondary market. The Rolex Day-Date President timepiece has an iconic design that makes it easily recognisable globally.

For a timeless look, you can choose the Rolex Day-Date President with Ref. 18238 and Ref. 1803, which are older iterations that will always remain in the good books of the collectors. Both of them are typical gold watches that shall always retain their value.

If you want a more contemporary and bolder outlook, the Day-Date II, which came out between 2008 and 2015, makes an excellent choice. The watch has a 41mm case and is bolder in outlook. There’s a good chance that the watch will become Rolex’s next big model amongst tomorrow’s buyers.

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No Rolex list is complete without the mighty ‘Submariner’. The popularity of the Sub has risen to the extent that the watch is considered a blue-chip investment. How many watches can pull off that tag? Since 2020 the market has exploded for this gorgeous Rolex variant that looks durable, sporty, and uncontrollably handsome. In 2020, Rolex discarded all the 40mm models for the 41mm cases.

We suggest investing in the previous Ref. 14060 and Ref. 16610 models if you’re looking for investment purposes. Are you wondering why we didn’t mention any of the newer models? It is because these two references are amongst the last generations to showcase the classic sizes. The prices of these variants have significantly increased over the course of 2020, and will only continue to rise.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of two-tone variants, the Rolex Submariner with Ref. 16613 coming in a stainless steel and yellow gold combination will catch your attention. When choosing a two-tone model, you can also pick from the black and blue dials.


The GMT-Master Rolex models are always in demand. The watches were built to meet the needs of the pilots and are remarkable in more than one way. While you might want to grab one of the newer GMT-Master II models, the older and the not-in-production models make for the best investment choices. The prices for the popular ‘Batman’ and ‘Pepsi’ models have gone over the top. No matter which GMT-Master II watches you pick to invest in, the watches will most certainly go up in value over time.

We suggest the GMT-Master II with Ref. 116710LN that features a ceramic bezel. The watch has a solid black look with an additional green 24-hour hand that displays three time zones. This hint of green amidst the classic black surrounding looks striking. In fact, it is the only Rolex GMT-Master model to feature the distinctive green colour.

Overall, the Ref. 116710LN is a model that will be your long-time companion as the contemporary design makes it a perfect fit as a travel watch.


Whether you’re a passionate Rolex enthusiast or not, the Oyster Perpetual is a model you must have heard about. It is one of the oldest names in Rolex’s catalogue that has occupied a top position in the list as a deserving investment option. The Oyster Perpetual collection offers a palette of vibrant dial colours in a 41mm version. If you want to invest, opt for the 41mm Ref. 124300 or the 36mm Ref. 126000, both extremely desirable models in the watch market, yielding a high return when you sell them. Also, you can take a quick loan for Rolex and expect to get a good amount.

Another variant which offers a good investment potential is the OP Ref. 114300 in 39mm, which is no longer in production. The 39mm case has a sweet reputation amongst the collectors for the case size as it will fit a wide variety of wrists. Moreover, these models come in a variety of dial colours. So, coming with the perfect case size of 39mm and with many dial options, the Oyster Perpetual surely knows how to retain and gain more and more onlookers whose market value is only increasing.

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Unfortunately, the Sea-Dweller is a fairly undervalued Rolex model that often gets overlooked because of its big brother, the Submariner. Rolex has always experimented with the Sea-Dwellers sizes, and the current iteration of Ref. 126600 has a 43mm case size which looks great with the hint of red but is seemingly too large for many wrists. The Ref. 16600 with a 40mm case is a nice go-to timepiece if you want a slightly smaller and more suitable size.

The Ref. 16600 was in production between 1989 and 2009, and while the earlier models offer a vintage appeal, the newer models present a modern contemporary outlook. Another prominent thing about this watch is the helium escape valve present on the side of the case. The Sea-Dweller spoils you with choices, and depending on which variant you pick, the value is most likely to go up in the coming years.


So, which Rolex model is the best, or in other words, which holds the value best? It is you who has to decide on that. More than a good-looking luxurious timepiece, it is also important to shed light on the watch’s exclusivity as an investment. Rolex, as you know, is riding on the top of the popularity list both in the retail and pre-owned market.

So, our advice is to choose a Rolex that firstly appeals to you visually and should work in your favour during times of need. Investing in a coveted variant will help you get a lucrative Rolex watch loan during a crisis.

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