Most Loved Ladies Rolex Watches- Summer 2022!

Every woman needs a statement timepiece, something that reflects her true personality. And, what better than Rolex to say it loud with a timeless design!

Rolex wears the crown of fame for a reason. One of which is the brand’s exclusive design worth every penny. The iconic watch manufacturer offers a wide palette of luxurious, stylish, and durable timepieces that offer status like none. Moreover, if you’re aware of the recent circulating buzz in the watch industry, you know the kind of treatment Rolex receives in the retail and secondary market.

Loved Ladies Rolex Watches

They’re well worth the investment today to fetch an excellent value in the future. Moreover, if you ever intend to take a loan against Rolex, watch buyers will happily agree to offer a competitive loan value.

So, in case you’ve been looking to invest in a women’s Rolex model before the official ‘Beach’ days begin, we suggest picking any of the below-mentioned models to flaunt an exceptional accessory this summer!

Top 7 Rolex Watches For Women In 2022

1. Lady Datejust 31

For those who fancy the combination of steel and silver with rose gold, the Lady Datejust 31 is a stunning choice! The watch looks chic and luxurious, and the diamond hour markers look ultra-lush. The Jubilee bracelet showcases Rolex’s signature Rolesor style, where it combines both steel and rose gold for an eye-catching contrast. The watch looks splendid and will complement many outfits.

2. Lady Datejust Diamond Pave

Fancy a white gold Rolex with a classic diamond setting? The Rolex Datejust with a diamond paves dial feature an 18ct white gold 26mm case with 150 sparkling diamonds set beautifully throughout. The watch also flaunts a catchy 18ct white gold band with a diamond setting. It has an automatic movement with accurate minute, second, and hour functionalities. Overall, the watch looks ravishing, and the diamond-paved bezel seals the look.

3. Lady Datejust 26

If you want a more delectable and classic Rolex timepiece, the Datejust 26 is perhaps the most suitable option for you. Coming in a 26mm stainless steel case, the Rolex Datejust speaks elegance and reflects the brand’s timeless design aesthetics. The 18ct white gold alongside the striking black dial with luminescent index hour markers make it look incredibly professional yet stylish.

4. Lady Datejust 31

How about a watch with a pink dial, stainless steel case, and an Everose Gold Jubilee bracelet? Well, Rolex combines all these three stunning metals most sophisticatedly in the Datejust 31 that signifies both beauty and strength. The precise diamond hour markers and the catchy rose gold dial make a fantastic contrast to the stainless steel and add an impressive feminine touch to the timepiece. Furthermore, the Jubilee bracelet extends increased comfort to the wearer.

5. Datejust 36 Mother Of Pearl Dial

You must have seen most Rolex models coming with a fitted metal band. However, the brand’s first models came linked to leather straps. And the Datejust 36 just follows the same tradition using a black leather strap that finely complements the diamond bezel and white gold case. Another most striking attribute of the timepiece is the Mother-Of-Pearl dial design. As the brand is long associated with the sea, the watch perfectly symbolises the nautical theme.

6. Yacht-Master 37

Why not invest in a timepiece that blends the best of beauty with practicality? The Rolex Yacht-Master 37, coming with a magnificent Chocolate dial and a distinctive rotating outer bezel, is the one. Previously, the leading sailors used the watch to calculate the distance between two specific points while out on the sea. The watch is designed beautifully with Everose gold, and the chocolate brown dial looks rich in contrast to it.

7. Datejust 31 President Watch

For all the boss ladies out there! The Rolex Lady Datejust 31 in 18ct Yellow Gold with President Bracelet commands your immediate attention. If you’ve been looking for a timepiece to pull off your bold personality, the President Rolex Datejust is here to help you do that effortlessly. A bold and elegant yellow gold Rolex with no extra bells but a fluted bezel and diamond hour markers is sufficient to make you stand out in the crowd. Also, it’s perfect for daily wear!


There is a wide selection of Rolex watches for women with varying features. Each of them is timeless and exudes brilliant quality and elegant designs. Depending on your taste and personality, invest in any to make a worthwhile investment.

Not to worry, each mentioned model drives a lot of attention in the pre-owned market, and you can always loan for a Rolex from reliable pawnbrokers in London to generate some quick cash during times of need.

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