Here’s To USA: Celebrate the 4th Of July with Rolex in Red, Blue & White

July 5th, 2022

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Happy Independence Day to the people of the United States of America! The Fourth Of July calls for the celebration of Independence Day, where most of you plan to go outdoors and have a good time. This year you can plan it otherwise. You can celebrate your love for the American Flag with a nice Rolex watch nicely coloured in Red, White and Blue. Of course, you can celebrate it the way you do traditionally, but investing in a nice luxury watch that’s totally patriotic (at least visibly) can be a nice alternative!

rolex in red blue white

Moreover, in today’s scenario, there’s nothing more profitable than having a luxury watch. After all, it can easily help you during an immediate cash crisis. You can take a loan against Rolex or outright sell them to fetch some quick cash.

So keeping all this in mind, we have laid out a collection of red, white and blue-inspired Rolex watches. They will look great and function to help you gain financial ‘Independence’ as well!

Top 7 Rolex Watches To Celebrate 4th of July

1. GMT-MASTER II Ref. 16710 ‘PEPSI’

The Blue and Red ‘PEPSI’ is the perfect patriotic timepiece for celebrating the 4th of July. The rich blue and red combination looks stunning and is an attention grabber. However, if you’re familiar with the history of the watches, then you know that the bezel’s colour derives its influence from the Pan Am Airline’s colours: Blue & Red.

Rolex has made several Pepsi watches over the years, but our favourite is Ref. 16710, the last Reference to feature the aluminium red, blue and white bezel. The GMT-Master II Ref. 16710 is an impeccable investment too!

2. YACHT-MASTER Ref. 126622

Are you planning to celebrate Independence Day by the pool or water? The Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 126622 40 edition is a perfect fit. The watch features a platinum bezel, stainless steel case and a rich blue sunburst dial that upholds the day’s spirit. When you look closer, you can see the name of Rolex written in Red. Alongside, Red second’s hand and white hour markers and date windows enhance the appeal!

This variant’s water-resistant and robust qualities make it an ideal timepiece for sailing and enjoying watersports.

3. SKY-DWELLER Ref. 326934

If you want a dressier option, Rolex’s Sky-Dweller in red, white and blue is the most appropriate for a patriotic theme. The watch flaunts GMT characteristics and comes with a complete annual calendar with a month and date indicator. This distinctive timepiece has a second time zone on the dial distinguished by an off-centre disc.

The Ref. 326934 variant with a steel case and bracelet, blue dial and white gold fluted bezel is one of the most popular, securing its position as a top Rolex investment piece.


Celebrating Independence Day is all about the feelings and emotions you hold for that day. It’s not necessary to wear all three colours on the same day. You can pick up one or two from the three colours for July 4th. For example, the Rolex Submariner ‘SMURF’ Ref. 116619LB is an outstanding timepiece with a bright blue dial, matching blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel, and white details all over the body. This striking diving watch will look great even after the 4th of July.

Over the years, the Sub ‘Smurf’ has become a popular luxury watch choice for collectors and buyers alike. They secure high prices when you sell them or even when taking a loan on Rolex.

5. DAYTONA Ref. 116520

If you want to keep it simple and subtle and yet make a statement, the Rolex Daytona Ref. 116520 is a super popular timepiece. The stainless steel beauty comes with a crisp white dial, three hands at the centre and a touch of red with the ‘DAYTONA’ written in red above the subsidiary dial at 6 o’clock. Rolex designed the chronograph for racing drivers, and the tachymetric scale on the bezel blends high-end technology with eye-catching aesthetics to support the cause.

The Daytona is a solid investment and is a cult favourite luxury watch.


How often do you hear Rolex in Red or the brand’s association with such bright and vibrant colours? The Oyster Perpetual timepiece with a lively Coral Red dial will surely excite fans to sport it on July 4th. Not only will the watch turn heads at the Independence Day party, but it also fetches you some quick bucks when you feel the need to take a loan against your luxury watch.

The bright red colour with white luminous hour markers and a smooth bezel impressively portrays the brand’s essence.

7. DAY-DATE Ref. 228239

Celebrate America’s birthday with the Day-Date 40 in white gold paired opposite a semi-circular President bracelet. The watch has a crisp white dial with Roman numerals, a date window at 3 o’clock and a day of the week indicator at 12 o’clock. The fluted bezel makes the watch easily recognisable, and the watch face is responsible for easy readability and identity.


Wearing a luxury watch in a striking White, Blue and Red colour combination is definitely one of the most luxe ways to celebrate the 4th of July. All the Rolex watches listed above make for fantastic patriotic watch options. They are the perfect fit for any occasion and outfit and beautifully represent the pride of the United States.

Apart from sporting some amazing colour combinations, they offer great value too. For instance, if you urgently need cash, selling a Rolex Submariner or taking a quick loan against a luxury watch will serve your purpose.

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