5 Rolex Watches that we’re lusting over in 2022

Rolex watches are usually considered the standard in luxury watch investment. The watches look prestigious and carry high functionality and unmatched class status. When you think of Rolex, you imagine luxury. Given the impeccable demand the watches have in the market, the brand has built a strong reputation and recognition.

5 Rolex Watches

Therefore, it’s no surprise if the watches have a high resale value. Moreover, choosing the right Rolex model can help during financial emergencies, as pawnbrokers are always willing to offer a quick loan against Rolex watches.

However, you have to choose the right model to earn these benefits, which can be quite tricky. So, we have charted a list of the top Rolex models that guarantee a whopping return. These high-end watches come with high returns. Please do not worry about their design or functionality. Every timepiece that Rolex designed is a masterpiece.

Here we’re highlighting the best ones we’re in love with!

5 Of Our Favourite Rolex Watches In 2022


If you’re looking for the most popular Rolex, the mighty Submariner is the one to invest in. The watch is durable, attractive, and undeniably sporty. Coming with a two-tone bracelet design, the Submariner with Ref. 116613LB with stainless steel and gold is a masterpiece. Steel assures durability, and gold for elegance makes the Sub a glamorous timepiece.

You can wear the 116613LB on various occasions, including all the sea adventures. The 40mm case appears larger on the wrists and is a definite fun head-turner. When you look closely, you can see the large lume dots on the blue dial and the Cyclops lens over the date at 3 o’clock. The amazing contrast of the two metals offers a look that will easily become your go-to.

As Rolex discontinued the production of the 40mm Submariner in 2020 and changed it with a 41mm case, the Ref. 116613LB is the last one with a 40mm case size. The Submariners enjoy a huge market demand and especially in the pawn market. The London pawnbrokers will readily offer a great cash value if you take a loan against your Rolex.


What a beauty! Isn’t this what you say after looking at the Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116622? This Yacht-Master is truly a mesmerising sight with a 904L stainless steel case, platinum bezel and dial, and steel bracelet. The All-White look blends both function and form. Even though originally built for the sailors, the watch quickly made its space as a beautiful wristwatch. The watch with a 40mm case, bi-directional bezel, platinum dial with red accents and YACHT-MASTER text is a definite highlight in one’s closet.

Although platinum and steel are both white, the blend is so fabulous that the Yacht-Master stands out with the great contrasting look. Moreover, the high-polished raised numerals with a date window at 3 o’clock provide enough functionality. The watch sits comfortably on the wrist and is noticeably dressier. As this fancy-looking Yacht-Master is no longer in production, you can only try your hands in the pre-owned market.


Do you want a limited edition Rolex? Rolex came out with the Submariner Ref. 16610LV to celebrate its 50th anniversary, ‘The Kermit’. What a watch! It’s not compared to the Hulk but is one of the quirkiest Rolex timepieces to own. In contrast to the black dial, the stunning green rotational bezel is what sets it apart in the lot. The rich green hue is easily distinguishable. However, another feature that makes it noteworthy is the Ref. 16610LV’s unique ‘MAXI’ dial which has large hour markers.

Coming out in the 2000s, the Rolex ‘Kermit’ is one of those watches already selling at an overwhelming price in the secondary market. So, we suggest now is the right time to jump and grab this deal! Imagine the additional rewards that will come along with this green beauty. Do you know the reason behind all this hype?

The Submariner 16610LV is the brand’s first timepiece with the experimental green colour that soon became iconic. This is one of the few watches with an absolute stunning proportion that one can easily slide under the cuff. Watch lovers greatly fancy the timepiece, which further ensures its stability in the resale market.

4. GMT-MASTER II REF. 116713

Rolex created the GMT-Master II catalogue during the 1990s to help pilots track the numerous time zones. However, soon the collection became more than just a pilot’s tool. The stunning 40mm timepiece with a steel case, ceramic bezel, and sapphire crystals became one of Rolex’s most sought-after models, which are now a great investment variant too! The Ref. 116713 is a collector’s favourite for the super case and the maxi dial. The dial has large luminous hour markers, and the killer 24-hour green hand is what adds to its luxury appeal.

The two-tone combination of stainless steel and gold in the GMT-Master II 116713 is insanely attractive. The innovation of the new ceramic bezel makes it virtually scratch-resistant. Additionally, the two-tone bracelet is another most eye-catching element of this timepiece.

Overall the watch exudes Rolex’s premium quality and standard. If you truly want a Rolex that plays effortlessly with intrinsic functions and great appearance, the GMT-Master II 116713 is the one with a perfect balance.

5. DATEJUST II REF. 116334

We’ve said enough about the big and bold. Now is the time to suggest something sleek and slender. The Datejust II Ref. 116334, coming with a 41mm case, an elegant slate dial with diamond hour markers, an 18ct white gold fluted bezel, and an Oyster bracelet, seems like the perfect fit. The 904 stainless steel case and the bracelet offer enough robustness, and the slate dial with ten diamond markers is what keeps the dazzle going. However, as said, what really sets the 116334 apart is its alluring size.

Hence, if you’re looking for something extra luxurious and distinguishable on the wrist, the Datejust II Ref. 116334 is great. You can wear it on both special and regular days. Plus, this watch is no longer in production. This means it will be a nice collector’s timepiece that will retain its value over the years.


All the above said Rolex watches hold the highest value in terms of investment return. Furthermore, choosing any of them will ensure a high cash value if the need arises to take a quick loan against Rolex watches. The pawnbrokers in London will always offer a lump sum loan amount for a popular Rolex model.

As reliable London pawnbrokers, The Luxury Hut offers an INSTANT cash loan against fine luxury watches without any credit check. Simply fill in the online form to get a FREE quote.

However, keeping aside the financial benefit, each timepiece holds a rich history, and the designs appeal at once.

Owning Rolex is a matter of great prestige, and when it’s one of the most prestigious models you own, you can expect to turn several heads in the room!

Find Out the Best Black & Gold Rolex Watches Trending Right Now

Rolex, Rolex, Rolex! The chant seems eternal, isn’t it? The Swiss watch manufacturer has offered numerous reasons for enthusiasts to celebrate its name. From crafting striking colour combinations to offering wide sizing options, the brand knows how to treat its long trail of fans and followers. Aside from reflecting prestige and power, the watches also work as great investment options. In today’s scenario, people pick several Rolex watches as an investment which they can either sell or even take a loan against Rolex watches during financial emergencies.

black and gold rolex watches

There are several colour schemes to choose from, but the pairing of black and gold is something that manages to pull off both luxury and class. A gold Rolex timepiece with stylish black detailing will turn several heads in the room. The warmth of the yellow gold case with a contrasting black dial creates a super luxurious and sober look, regardless of the wearer.

Furthermore, Rolex creates both dress and sports watches for this specific combination to appease a wider audience group. If you also fancy this amazing marriage of black and gold, check out our selectively curated list for you to buy this season.

Top 4 Black & Gold Rolex Watches Trending This Season

Rolex Day-Date

The Day-Date is Rolex’s most prestigious and exclusive model, often called the Rolex President watch. The most defining characteristic of this watch is the calendar window on the dial showcasing both the day & date. While the Day-Date pairs with leather straps and Oyster bracelets, it is most popularly fitted to the President bracelet. In fact, Rolex made this bracelet design for the Day-Date catalogue.

Rolex makes Day-Date in various precious metals, but yellow gold is the most desirable one. Even though black dials are common in Rolex’s collection, the gold and black Rolex Day-Date references like the Ref. 18038 and Ref. 18238 stand out.

The Ref. 18038 flaunts an opulent design with a 36mm 18ct yellow gold case with a yellow gold fluted bezel, a black dial with yellow gold index markers and hands, and a solid yellow gold Presidential bracelet. The Ref. 18238 comes in a 36mm 18ct yellow gold case, yellow gold fluted bezel, rich black dial with Roman hour markers, and an 18ct yellow gold President bracelet.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller is another most-loved Rolex collection and one of the most complicated ones. The collection came out in 2012 and boasts a dial with month, two-time zone indicators, and date. What’s more, the annual calendar denotes the different days in each month and needs setting only once a year. Previously the Sky-Dweller was available in only solid 18ct yellow gold. Today, it is available in two-tone and stainless steel options as well. For gold and black combination, you can buy the Rolex Sky-Dweller with Ref. 326938 and the now-discontinued Ref. 326238.

The Ref. 326938 is a distinctive watch with a second time zone display on an off-the-centre disc present on the dial. The watch employs a very innovative system where the wearer has to set the functions by using the rotatable Ring Command bezel. It has a bright black dial that contrasts the 18ct yellow gold case, yellow gold fluted bezel, and yellow gold Oyster bracelet.

Coming in an 18ct yellow gold case, fluted bezel, a rich black dial, and an Oysterflex bracelet, the Ref. 326238 is another attractive and lavishing option. The watch equips various striking characteristics and is synonymous with reliability and excellence.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most sought-after collections and one of the world’s most popular diving watches. Making its debut in 1953, the Submariner reigns the sports watch community with its unmatched appeal and extraordinary features to the extent that buyers are willing to offer almost double the retail for some specific models. All the gold Submariner models come with black dials and a black bezel. We suggest investing in the Submariner with Ref. 116618LN and 126618LN to avail financial benefits.

The ref. 116618LN has a 40mm 18ct yellow gold case, a black time lapse Cerachrom bezel, a black dial, and an Oyster Glidelock bracelet. The watch, in short, is a celebrated icon of the casual luxury watch world. It has a huge demand amongst the collectors.

Another popular option is the Ref. 126618LN with a 41mm 18ct yellow gold case, unidirectional rotatable bezel, black dial with baton markers and index markers at 6 & 9 o’clock and a solid-link Oyster bracelet. The watch’s functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal, impress the most. The watch is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Rolex Daytona

The Daytona is another must-have diving timepiece popularly known as the best chronograph. Rolex came out with the first Daytona in 1963 and continued it until the late 1980s. The watches are highly prestigious, and some of them even come in steel variants. Several Daytona references come with a black and gold outlook, and we suggest opting for the Daytona Ref. 116518LN or the Ref. 116508. The watches not just appear classy and stylish but are highly functional to meet the various needs of the wearer.

The Daytona ref. 116518LN with an 18ct yellow gold case, and the black dial looks luxurious. Rolex made this chronograph the ultimate timing tool for the racing drivers, and almost after 50 years of its existence, the Daytona has a class of its own. Some of the standout features of the watch include the black cerachrom bezel with a tachymetric scale and the Oysterflex bracelet that enhances the appeal.

The Ref. 116508 comes in a 40mm 18ct yellow gold case with a black diamond-set dial, yellow gold applique luminous hour markers, and a yellow gold bezel with a tachymetric scale. The tachymetric scale offers optimal legibility, making it ideal for measuring speeds. The watch design is committed to brilliance and enjoys great attention in the watch fraternity.


Rolex has carved out various black and yellow models, from dressy styles to sports variants, to meet every taste and preference. Surprisingly, although this stylish combination of black and gold watches has been available since the 20th century, it is only today that the watches have gained so much popularity.

Lastly, black and gold is a classic Rolex combination that is here to stay. You can select from any of the models listed above to invest in as they will never go out of style or demand. The demand will only rise in the coming years. So, if you’ve some untouched cash, we suggest putting it on the Rolex Submariner or Daytona to earn a fruitful resale value. Also, if ever you need some quick cash, take a loan against Rolex watches to meet the short-term requirements.

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5 Best Two-Tone Rolex Watches To Invest In 2022

When people think of investing in a luxury watch, Rolex is one of the first brands to consider. Each timepiece reflects the Swiss manufacturer’s ability to curate the finest and most innovative watch design that is nothing short of exceptional. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a classic Rolex watch piece.

Furthermore, in 2022, the resale value of any Rolex watch, especially the popular models, is incredibly high. For instance, the two-tone Rolex watch (Rolesor) that combines steel and gold in one model is a favourite Rolex style and secures one of the best values. Additionally, you can easily take a loan against a Rolex watch to meet your short-term cash needs if and when required.

When did Rolex start the ‘ROLESOR’ Design?

The two-tone Rolex models have been in and out of fashion quite several times but continue to appeal to many young buyers for their visual appeal. Rolex started creating the Rolesor watch design in the 1930s, but it made its first big release in 1948 with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. Ever since the watch made its debut, it has been a mainstay in its catalogue for its unique look.

Which Rolex Models Are Available In Rolesor?

Has the Rolesor piqued your interest already? You can find the charming steel & gold colour combination in various collections. Some of the most recognised are:

  • Submariner
  • Cosmograph Daytona
  • Datejust
  • Sky-Dweller
  • Yacht-Master

But what are the best models to buy? There are many to choose from, some discontinued, while some remain the sought-after models in the catalogue. When you decide to buy one, you must consider the other aspects as well.

Luxury watches, especially Rolex, yield a great return on investment and therefore, you must spend on one that will secure you financially. In this way, if you need to collect some quick cash, you can always take a loan against Rolex.

Which Rolesor Models Secure The Highest Investment Return?

Two-Tone Rolex watches have made a strong comeback with several styles. These timepieces are ideal for those who want to opt for something stylish, multi-functional, and valuable. With the growing popularity of the two-tone models, we have picked the top Rolex bi-metal watches that we believe will only continue to rise in value in the coming days, making it easier to collect loan on Rolex when necessary.

Rolex Submariner

The Submariner is an iconic Rolex model that already drives huge market demand. Speaking of the two-tone version, the Submariner with Ref. 116613 is an outstanding representation of the signature Rolesor style. The watch equips all the features that one can expect from a luxury dive watch. The watch boasts a 40mm stainless steel and yellow gold case with a blue dial to match the stunning Blue Cerachrom unidirectional bezel.

The rich blue colour against the solid yellow gold backdrop makes the two-tone Submariner stand out. Additionally, the Oyster bracelet made with 18ct yellow gold and steel links allows the watch to sit around the wrist firmly. The Ref. 116613 Submariner is an absolute classic and is undoubtedly one of the best Rolex timepieces to own.

Rolex Daytona

If you want a highly coveted Daytona, it must be the Paul Newman Daytona. However, if you’re looking for a bi-metal Daytona option, the Ref. 116523 is equally worth the value. It flaunts a steel and yellow gold case, and the most striking element comprises the dial. The iconic dial flaunts a trio of chronograph counters that is unmistakable. Other important attributes include the tachymeter-engraved bezel, the sporty Oyster bracelet, the screw-down winding crown, and the 18ct yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet that makes the Rolex watch piece incredibly attractive.

Everything about the Ref. 116523 comes together flawlessly to stand out as one of the most lustrous two-tone watches.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

If you’re looking for a bi-metal Rolex to pair with nice evening attire and accompany you to the board meetings, the classic Rolex Sky-Dweller with Ref. 326933 is a nice choice. The watch has luxurious stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold tone, which along with the fluted bezel, makes the watch easily recognisable. The 42mm case diameter, the dial with luminous hour markers, 24-hour scale on the inner circle, luminous hands, Sapphire crystal, and two-tone bracelet are some of the most valuable features of this timepiece.

Moreover, the 12 boxes close to the indexes, date at 3 o’clock, local time through the centre hands, and second-time zone through the 24-hour disc make the watch a must-have for any travel enthusiast.

Overall, the Ref. 326933 is an efficient watch piece and is surely a solid contender for the best Rolesor models that you deserve to flaunt on your wrist.

Rolex Datejust

Do you fancy a Dress watch? The Rolex Datejust is perhaps one of the most iconic dress watches whose two-tone version is a must-have in any wardrobe. You can easily wear the Ref. 116233 regularly to add elegance to your outfit. The fine mix of stainless steel and yellow gold looks like the ultimate companion in a striking 36mm case. The silver dial with yellow gold Roman numeral hour markers and a date window at 3 o’clock, fluted bezel, and steel & gold jubilee bracelet make the watch instantly identifiable.

Ref. 116233 greatly emphasises elegance while also standing tall as a functional timepiece. You can never go wrong with this one!

Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something sporty and chic. The Ref. 68623 has a catchy mid-size that can easily fit on the wrists. The lustrous yellow gold and steel combination appears like a winning match that stands out for numerous reasons. One of the most important is the rotating gold bezel with big, raised numerals. The rich blue dial sets the perfect contrast against the yellow gold hue, including the luminous hour markers, date window at 3 o’clock, and Mercedes-style hands that adds to the watch’s glory altogether!

The Ref. 68623 is built to ride the waves but works comfortably on the land too! The Yacht-Master is the ultimate exhibition of durability and robustness, making it a significant model in yachting.


No matter which Rolesor you choose to flaunt, you cannot deny that the watches indeed present the best of both worlds. All the Rolex watches listed above beautifully blend the richness of yellow gold with the shine of steel to captivate the attention. Furthermore, you can include any of them in your regular wear without losing their value.

The watches make for a worthwhile investment, and you can also take a quick loan on a Rolex watch during financial emergencies. The Luxury Hut offers INSTANT cash loans against Rolex watches. You can get a FREE quote today by filling in the online form.

Top 5 Rolex Watches With the Greatest Loan Value

Rolex and its endless banter of being the best! But, why not! Given the Swiss manufacturer’s current reputation in the market, it is quite convincing to say that the brand is literally wearing the Crown. Whether it is for their craftsmanship, innovation, design, history, or because the watches hold incredible value, Rolex always manages to stay ahead in the game.

And this time, it is for its ability to retain value. If you see the Rolex graph in 2022, you’ll be surprised to see how some of the popular Rolex models are skyrocketing in value which only indicates its growth in the coming years. Moreover, if you own one of these desirable models, the watches can greatly help during financial emergencies. For instance, if ever arises a situation where you need some quick cash to meet your temporary problem, take a loan against Rolex watches to meet your needs.

Rolex watches are valuable in more than one way and prove to be an asset for a lifetime & beyond. However, you must invest in the models on the desirability list.

Top 5 Rolex Watches With The Highest Loan Value


With the prices for the gold Rolex watches steadily on the rise, it is wise to include one in your wardrobe. Not just because it looks supremely luxurious but because the watches attract an incredibly high price in the secondary market. The Rolex Day-Date President timepiece has an iconic design that makes it easily recognisable globally.

For a timeless look, you can choose the Rolex Day-Date President with Ref. 18238 and Ref. 1803, which are older iterations that will always remain in the good books of the collectors. Both of them are typical gold watches that shall always retain their value.

If you want a more contemporary and bolder outlook, the Day-Date II, which came out between 2008 and 2015, makes an excellent choice. The watch has a 41mm case and is bolder in outlook. There’s a good chance that the watch will become Rolex’s next big model amongst tomorrow’s buyers.

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No Rolex list is complete without the mighty ‘Submariner’. The popularity of the Sub has risen to the extent that the watch is considered a blue-chip investment. How many watches can pull off that tag? Since 2020 the market has exploded for this gorgeous Rolex variant that looks durable, sporty, and uncontrollably handsome. In 2020, Rolex discarded all the 40mm models for the 41mm cases.

We suggest investing in the previous Ref. 14060 and Ref. 16610 models if you’re looking for investment purposes. Are you wondering why we didn’t mention any of the newer models? It is because these two references are amongst the last generations to showcase the classic sizes. The prices of these variants have significantly increased over the course of 2020, and will only continue to rise.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of two-tone variants, the Rolex Submariner with Ref. 16613 coming in a stainless steel and yellow gold combination will catch your attention. When choosing a two-tone model, you can also pick from the black and blue dials.


The GMT-Master Rolex models are always in demand. The watches were built to meet the needs of the pilots and are remarkable in more than one way. While you might want to grab one of the newer GMT-Master II models, the older and the not-in-production models make for the best investment choices. The prices for the popular ‘Batman’ and ‘Pepsi’ models have gone over the top. No matter which GMT-Master II watches you pick to invest in, the watches will most certainly go up in value over time.

We suggest the GMT-Master II with Ref. 116710LN that features a ceramic bezel. The watch has a solid black look with an additional green 24-hour hand that displays three time zones. This hint of green amidst the classic black surrounding looks striking. In fact, it is the only Rolex GMT-Master model to feature the distinctive green colour.

Overall, the Ref. 116710LN is a model that will be your long-time companion as the contemporary design makes it a perfect fit as a travel watch.


Whether you’re a passionate Rolex enthusiast or not, the Oyster Perpetual is a model you must have heard about. It is one of the oldest names in Rolex’s catalogue that has occupied a top position in the list as a deserving investment option. The Oyster Perpetual collection offers a palette of vibrant dial colours in a 41mm version. If you want to invest, opt for the 41mm Ref. 124300 or the 36mm Ref. 126000, both extremely desirable models in the watch market, yielding a high return when you sell them. Also, you can take a quick loan for Rolex and expect to get a good amount.

Another variant which offers a good investment potential is the OP Ref. 114300 in 39mm, which is no longer in production. The 39mm case has a sweet reputation amongst the collectors for the case size as it will fit a wide variety of wrists. Moreover, these models come in a variety of dial colours. So, coming with the perfect case size of 39mm and with many dial options, the Oyster Perpetual surely knows how to retain and gain more and more onlookers whose market value is only increasing.

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Unfortunately, the Sea-Dweller is a fairly undervalued Rolex model that often gets overlooked because of its big brother, the Submariner. Rolex has always experimented with the Sea-Dwellers sizes, and the current iteration of Ref. 126600 has a 43mm case size which looks great with the hint of red but is seemingly too large for many wrists. The Ref. 16600 with a 40mm case is a nice go-to timepiece if you want a slightly smaller and more suitable size.

The Ref. 16600 was in production between 1989 and 2009, and while the earlier models offer a vintage appeal, the newer models present a modern contemporary outlook. Another prominent thing about this watch is the helium escape valve present on the side of the case. The Sea-Dweller spoils you with choices, and depending on which variant you pick, the value is most likely to go up in the coming years.


So, which Rolex model is the best, or in other words, which holds the value best? It is you who has to decide on that. More than a good-looking luxurious timepiece, it is also important to shed light on the watch’s exclusivity as an investment. Rolex, as you know, is riding on the top of the popularity list both in the retail and pre-owned market.

So, our advice is to choose a Rolex that firstly appeals to you visually and should work in your favour during times of need. Investing in a coveted variant will help you get a lucrative Rolex watch loan during a crisis.

The Luxury Hut offers an INSTANT loan on Rolex watch. The experts are very much in tune with the latest market trends and aim to offer the best possible loan amount against your luxury watch. If you wish to find out the value of your Rolex, fill in the online form to get a FREE Instant Quote!

Which Are The Best Rolex Daytona Models To Invest In 2022?

Currently, Rolex is the most cherished brand in the watch market, not just because it looks great and holds a rich history but because the watches are fetching a high resale value in the pre-owned market. Moreover, if you intend to take a loan against Rolex to meet your urgent cash needs, be sure to receive an excellent loan amount from reliable London pawnbrokers.

Amidst the brand’s entire catalogue, if there’s one model that gains the highest traction, it is the Rolex Daytona. However, this wasn’t the case always. The watch came out in 1963 only to face a dull sale for Rolex. The situation persisted until the early 1980s when things changed, and the prices of the Vintage Daytona models skyrocketed.

Today, a Vintage Daytona model is available at a high price in the secondary market. Consider yourself lucky if you already own one! A special edition Daytona like the ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona can easily fetch over a million at auctions.

But, vintage models aren’t the only top-selling in the market. There are plenty of other models, too, that are riding high on the waitlist, with collectors willing to offer almost double the retail price to own one!

Wondering which Are the Top Investment Rolex Daytona Watches In 2022?

Here is a list of the 8 Top Daytona models that probably should unequivocally make for excellent investment choices. The models have witnessed a steady growth in value and remain popular amongst the masses for their unmatched elegance.

With all that in mind, let’s find out!

1. Daytona Ref. 116520

The Ref. 116520 is the last Daytona to come with a steel bezel that first came into existence in 1988 with the ‘Zenith’ Daytona model. Apart from being the first Daytona to feature an Automatic chronograph, the watch sported various unique qualities that make it one of the most coveted Rolex models. This includes an all stainless steel case, water-resistance up to 100m, a date display at 3 o’clock, and an in-house Calibre 4130.

The Rolex Daytona Ref. 116520 is a worthy option for anyone who prefers a steel bezel.

2. Daytona Ref. 116500LN

The current stainless steel Daytona with Ref. 116500LN that debuted in Baselworld 2016 is perhaps the most popular Daytona. It is also the first steel Rolex Daytona with a Ceramic (Cerachrom) bezel. Available in either a white or black dial, the Daytona with the white dial is more desirable. The 40mm Daytona in the white dial and a stainless steel case with a water resistance of up to 100m and a sapphire crystal look timeless.

However, the prices for both the black and the white Daytona models have increased over the years. So, if you are ever in need of some quick cash, expect to draw a lump sum loan against your Rolex Daytona from reliable pawnbrokers London.

3. Daytona Ref. 116508

A collectors’ favourite and a worthwhile investment, the Daytona Ref. 116508 looks incredible with a solid yellow gold bezel. The 18ct yellow gold models with a green dial and significant red accents enjoy constant attention. Additionally, it is the watch that John Mayer referred to, making people easily recognise the variant as John Mayer’s Daytona. If you’re more inclined towards black, we suggest investing in the Rolex Daytona with gold accents and a black dial that is yet another model highly popular amongst the fans.

4. Daytona Ref. 116506

The most expensive in the Daytona lineup is the Ref. 116506, which portrays endless charm and modern-day technical specifications. With multiple colour options available, the Ref. 116506 is something that every collector would love to include in their collection. The Ref. 116506 Platinum Daytona is included amongst the esteemed sports chronographs and is also known as the best timing tool for racing drivers. The watch is comfortable to wear and exceptionally sturdy to withstand the wear-and-tear of the drivers.

The Ref. 116506 Daytona is easily recognisable for its blue dial, brown ceramic bezel, Oyster bracelet, and several other innovative functions that make it a prestigious timepiece.

5. Daytona Ref. 116523

Want to explore the glitz of gold and shine of silver in one timepiece? The Rolex Daytona Ref. 116253 has everything you are looking for. You will be surprised to know that the two-tone model is available at a comparatively lesser price than its other stainless steel counterparts. With a stunning steel and gold case and band, the Daytona sports a classic style with the Calibre 4130. If you’re looking for a comparatively affordable alternative, this is the one!

6. Daytona Ref. 116519

If you’re someone who fancies a leather strap over a metal bracelet, the Ref. 116519 in white gold and a leather strap should be your pick! Another surprising element of the watch is the presence of numerals instead of hour markers. You can avail of them in many dial variations, and the robust chronograph movement and comfortable leather strap add to its proficiency. The Ref. 116519 is indeed the sportiest Daytona in the entire collection that will always enjoy a high resale value in the pre-owned market.

7. Daytona Ref. 116509

Another Daytona reference that spoils you with dial options and variations is Ref. 116509. Over the last five years, the Ref. 116509 has become incredibly popular amongst collectors for its iconic red accents and blue dial, making the watch instantly recognisable. You can also get the watch in black sub-dials and a steel dial, and another one with a black dial set with sparkling diamonds.

The luxury brand recently introduced a stunning meteorite dial with contrasting black sub-dials that place the watches’ prices above the rest. It looks glamorous and will be a trophy to your watch collection series.

8. Daytona Ref. 116595

Are you fond of a rare Rolex watch? The Daytona Ref. 116595 is a rare and limited modern Rolex timepiece that is unfortunately not a part of the brand’s extensive official watch catalogue but kept especially for the elite customers. If you wish to get hold of one, you have to go through a specific application process to own one of these gem-set Daytona timepieces. The watch features several gemstones in various colours that create a rainbow-like effect. Moreover, the watch’s lug is decorated beautifully with diamonds.

A flashy and one-of-its-kind timepiece, the Ref. 116595 makes for a royal purchase at any point in time.


Without fail, all Daytona watches enjoy a celebratory status. Furthermore, the imbalance in demand and supply ensures that each Rolex collection retains its popularity in the market and among the collectors. Since its launch in 1963, the Daytona models have only expanded in versatility to cater to the brand’s vast audience base with varied choices.

Hence, no matter which Rolex you already own or intend to purchase in the future, each timepiece will have a legendary status. This is a strong reason you will always get an easy and quick loan against Rolex from genuine pawnbrokers London.

At The Luxury Hut, the professionals offer an INSTANT CASH loan for your Rolex timepiece without box and papers. Start by filling in an online form to get an INSTANT loan offer today!

Most Loved Ladies Rolex Watches- Summer 2022!

Every woman needs a statement timepiece, something that reflects her true personality. And, what better than Rolex to say it loud with a timeless design!

Rolex wears the crown of fame for a reason. One of which is the brand’s exclusive design worth every penny. The iconic watch manufacturer offers a wide palette of luxurious, stylish, and durable timepieces that offer status like none. Moreover, if you’re aware of the recent circulating buzz in the watch industry, you know the kind of treatment Rolex receives in the retail and secondary market.

Loved Ladies Rolex Watches

They’re well worth the investment today to fetch an excellent value in the future. Moreover, if you ever intend to take a loan against Rolex, watch buyers will happily agree to offer a competitive loan value.

So, in case you’ve been looking to invest in a women’s Rolex model before the official ‘Beach’ days begin, we suggest picking any of the below-mentioned models to flaunt an exceptional accessory this summer!

Top 7 Rolex Watches For Women In 2022

1. Lady Datejust 31

For those who fancy the combination of steel and silver with rose gold, the Lady Datejust 31 is a stunning choice! The watch looks chic and luxurious, and the diamond hour markers look ultra-lush. The Jubilee bracelet showcases Rolex’s signature Rolesor style, where it combines both steel and rose gold for an eye-catching contrast. The watch looks splendid and will complement many outfits.

2. Lady Datejust Diamond Pave

Fancy a white gold Rolex with a classic diamond setting? The Rolex Datejust with a diamond paves dial feature an 18ct white gold 26mm case with 150 sparkling diamonds set beautifully throughout. The watch also flaunts a catchy 18ct white gold band with a diamond setting. It has an automatic movement with accurate minute, second, and hour functionalities. Overall, the watch looks ravishing, and the diamond-paved bezel seals the look.

3. Lady Datejust 26

If you want a more delectable and classic Rolex timepiece, the Datejust 26 is perhaps the most suitable option for you. Coming in a 26mm stainless steel case, the Rolex Datejust speaks elegance and reflects the brand’s timeless design aesthetics. The 18ct white gold alongside the striking black dial with luminescent index hour markers make it look incredibly professional yet stylish.

4. Lady Datejust 31

How about a watch with a pink dial, stainless steel case, and an Everose Gold Jubilee bracelet? Well, Rolex combines all these three stunning metals most sophisticatedly in the Datejust 31 that signifies both beauty and strength. The precise diamond hour markers and the catchy rose gold dial make a fantastic contrast to the stainless steel and add an impressive feminine touch to the timepiece. Furthermore, the Jubilee bracelet extends increased comfort to the wearer.

5. Datejust 36 Mother Of Pearl Dial

You must have seen most Rolex models coming with a fitted metal band. However, the brand’s first models came linked to leather straps. And the Datejust 36 just follows the same tradition using a black leather strap that finely complements the diamond bezel and white gold case. Another most striking attribute of the timepiece is the Mother-Of-Pearl dial design. As the brand is long associated with the sea, the watch perfectly symbolises the nautical theme.

6. Yacht-Master 37

Why not invest in a timepiece that blends the best of beauty with practicality? The Rolex Yacht-Master 37, coming with a magnificent Chocolate dial and a distinctive rotating outer bezel, is the one. Previously, the leading sailors used the watch to calculate the distance between two specific points while out on the sea. The watch is designed beautifully with Everose gold, and the chocolate brown dial looks rich in contrast to it.

7. Datejust 31 President Watch

For all the boss ladies out there! The Rolex Lady Datejust 31 in 18ct Yellow Gold with President Bracelet commands your immediate attention. If you’ve been looking for a timepiece to pull off your bold personality, the President Rolex Datejust is here to help you do that effortlessly. A bold and elegant yellow gold Rolex with no extra bells but a fluted bezel and diamond hour markers is sufficient to make you stand out in the crowd. Also, it’s perfect for daily wear!


There is a wide selection of Rolex watches for women with varying features. Each of them is timeless and exudes brilliant quality and elegant designs. Depending on your taste and personality, invest in any to make a worthwhile investment.

Not to worry, each mentioned model drives a lot of attention in the pre-owned market, and you can always loan for a Rolex from reliable pawnbrokers in London to generate some quick cash during times of need.

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What Happened To Rolex Submariner 116610LV Hulk?

Rolex is most famous for making headlines every few months, and this time, it is again back to making a not-so-warm announcement. To everyone’s shock, Rolex has discontinued one of its most popular models, ‘The Hulk’!

The iconic Rolex Submariner 116610LV ‘Hulk’ is no more running on the Rolex website, which do not please the collectors. However, the moment the news struck the internet, the prices for the Hulk models boomed incredibly in the secondary market. The Hulk is one of those watches that enjoy a tremendous market demand. So, if you ever feel the urgency to collect some instant cash, you can quickly take a loan against Rolex to meet the need.

For anyone, who is bewildered by the news, let’s answer some flaming questions for you!

Why did Rolex decide to discontinue the ‘Hulk’?

Much like what the netizens expected, Rolex is releasing a whole new trail of Oyster Perpetual Submariner timepieces that feature a slightly bigger 41mm case, a newly designed bracelet, and a new 3235 Calibre movement.

This all comes at the cost of the most-loved Hulk!

Rolex has been introducing new and efficient movements in recent times. Just like it did with some of the Yacht-Master, Datejust & GMT-Master II models. This could be a significant reason why the luxury watch manufacturer discontinued the 116610LV.

Did Rolex discontinue the entire Submariner collection?

Amidst all the gloomy reviews and comments, we can say that Rolex decided to upgrade the lot. The Submariner catalogue will certainly benefit from the newly upgraded movement.

It is only a matter of time before Rolex hits back with a new set of watches, as was seen for the GMT-Master II or the Yacht-Master Collection.

Will Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ have a replacement?

Honestly, it’s too early to comment on that, but yes, if Rolex has decided to withdraw a collection and, most specifically, one of its most famed models, it indeed has a plan (keep reading). There’s a high possibility that a new design can see the dawn very soon.

Hoping that we’ve answered a few of your most inquisitive questions, there’s something which we would like to tell you.

Popularity of the Rolex ‘Hulk’

The Rolex Submariner 116610LV is surely one of the most popular and coveted Rolex models. As a result, the news of the model’s discontinuation has given birth to a lot of speculation. But did you know that all this fame and curiosity didn’t surround the model when it first debuted in 2010?

Rolex, as you know, loves the colour green, and when the Hulk came out like a bright green coloured steel watch, not everyone was pleased with the strong connection. Only in the last few years the Submariner Hulk has skyrocketed to the extent that people are going crazy to purchase one.

So, if by any chance you already own one of these exclusive timepieces, use it wisely. You can either sell it for a handsome resale value or even pawn Rolex to reliable London pawnbrokers and fetch some quick cash.

New Rolex Submariner 1266610LV Wins Over

If Rolex withdrew one, it surely made up for it with another. The New Rolex Submariner 126610LV comes with a green bezel, a black dial, and new updates. It is known as the ‘Kermit’. Even though many are disappointed that the new Submariner models do not have the Hulk outlook, Rolex seems okay.

Is the Rolex Kermit & Hulk different?

Firstly, let’s start with the name. The original Kermit was 16610LV and Hulk was 116610LV, and the New Kermit is 126610LV. Rolex does it with all of their famous watch references. They slightly change the reference numbers to indicate the changes in function and design.

Secondly, speaking of Kermit’s design, the watch had an aluminium bezel and a 40mm Oyster case. On the other hand, the Hulk came with a 40mm Super case and a ceramic bezel.

However, the Kermit & Hulk model shared the same Calibre 3135 movement and came with the label LV.

Our verdict is that Rolex didn’t discontinue the Hulk but just updated the model. However, Rolex believes that it is a ‘Discontinuation’ because the green vs black dial makes a significant difference.

Pre-Owned Hulk Popularity

Since the word discontinuation has rolled out, collectors and buyers alike are interested in getting their hands on it. As a result, the prices are quickly escalating in the pre-owned market. On today’s date, if you want to sell a pre-owned Hulk, you’ll be amazed at the resale value.

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Top Choices for Men Rolex Watches in 2022

Since its foundation back in 1905, Rolex has set the bar extremely high for other watch brands to compete. The luxury watch brand curates some of the finest technological innovations and exceptional designs, labeling them the best!

Each Rolex timepiece is worthy, and owning one is a matter of great pride and privilege. Furthermore, the popularity of this renowned brand far stretches to the realm of the secondary watch market. Buyers and collectors are more than interested in collecting Rolex watches.

Additionally, many Rolex dealers are even offering a loan against Rolex!

But then some collectors are entirely new to the Rolex forum and feel intimidated by the plethora of options available. Henceforth, choosing a model becomes all the more difficult.

Not anymore; this blog will cover everything you need to know about Rolex’s latest catalogue for MEN in 2022.

Top 7 Rolex Watches For Men in 2022

1. Rolex Day-Date II President

For someone looking for an influential or authoritative wristwatch, the Rolex Day-Date II President makes for an ideal option. Making its debut in 1956, this was the first-ever Rolex to show both the day and the week’s date. The dial has the full details spelt.

The Rolex Day-Date is available in multiple options. The one in 18ct Yellow gold makes for a luxurious investment piece. The watch comes in a 40mm case and features an 18ct yellow gold bezel with a champagne dial. The diamond hour markers graciously uplift the appeal, making it look even more luxurious.

The key highlight is the President Bracelet initially curated for the launch and symbolises class, comfort and refinement.

2. Rolex Submariner Black Dial

One of the most popular in the Rolex catalogue is the Rolex Submariner. We suggest the Sub in Black Dial Stainless steel version that is undoubtedly one of the best in the lot. The unidirectional bezel with fine 60-minute graduations allows the diver to monitor the diving time precisely.

The watch comes with a 40mm case and roofs a classy black dial with luminous hour and hand markers. This particular innovation improves the visibility of the dial in the dark, and the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures the longevity of the watch piece.

One of the key highlights is the watch’s water-resistance of up to 300m, making it ideal for swimming and diving.

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3. Rolex Explorer II

Are you one of the adventure seekers looking for a watch that accompanies you on your every achievement? Look no further than the Rolex Explorer II that perfectly embodies all the qualities necessary for that.

The watch is precise, robust, and clear. It has a fixed stainless steel bezel with 24-hour markings. The white dial showcasing luminescent hands shaped hour markers and a date display at the 3 o’clock position makes the Rolex look classy.

As a highly functional watch, the Rolex also features fine minute markers around the outer rim of the watch to depict the exact time.

4. Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex is perhaps the only luxury watch manufacturer with a timepiece for everyone. An explorer, diver, pilot, and now a sailor! The Rolex Yacht-Master II is for the man with style and someone who has a deep flair for the seas.

Practical and stylish, the timepiece was primarily built for the yachting contests and ideally suited for the wearer with a sailor spirit. Some of the key features that make the 18ct white gold timepiece stand out are:

  • Self-winding movement
  • Stunning blue ceramic bezel with white gold-coated numbers
  • Prominent red hand.

Rolex has achieved perfection on this one both in terms of style and functionality.

5. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Since its debut in 1963, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has been well-regarded in motorsports for its functionality and appeal. The iconic timepiece is structured meticulously to meet the cohesive demands of the professional race drivers who need the watch as a timekeeping tool.

Due to its striking bezel with tachymeter scale and unwavering chronograph, the Cosmograph Daytona allows the racing drivers to measure the average speeds of up to 400 km per hour.

Not just technically, the platinum case of the model offers a chic outlook, and the Ice Blue dial is a definite impressive inclusion that allows the watch to have a class of its own.

6. Rolex Cellini 50525

Rolex’s high standard of perfection remains well illustrated in the Cellini collection that looks timeless, sober, refined, and has everything a wearer would love to see in a luxurious watch. Every detail hosts the watch manufacturer’s discreet art of watchmaking.

Flaunting the charm of eternal elegance, the Rolex Cellini features an 18ct Rose Gold case, a sharp black dial design with stick markers and an accurate sub-dial for displaying the secondary time zone. On top of that, the watch has an alligator leather band that firmly boasts the brand’s commitment to perfection.

Overall, the Cellini is a classic Rolex timepiece that always statements with any outfit.

7. Rolex Milgauss

How about a watch that doesn’t need an introduction? Well, that’s what the Rolex Milgauss does for you. The instantly recognisable watch has an unusual story.

It made its debut in 1956 for the scientists who worked under high magnetic fields. A magnetic field of 50 to 100 gauss can reasonably affect the accuracy of an ordinary mechanical watch but not Rolex! The Milgauss withstands a magnetic field of up to 1000 gauss.

The timepiece continues to be one of the best-made timepieces by Rolex, and its stainless steel black dial model is increasingly popular.

If you’re looking for a Rolex with high value and demand, the Milgauss well secures its place in the top 5 list!


This is our list for Top Rolex Men’s Watches in 2022. Rolex is a prestigious watch brand that enjoys a high demand globally. Many collectors are willing to offer almost double the retail price for a few specific Rolex models. Hence, you can well decipher its popularity in the secondary market.

When looking to invest in Rolex, we suggest buying the model that will appreciate in value or will forever have a high demand in the watch market. This is because if the need to arrange some quick cash for any emergency arises, you can easily loan against Rolex watches to meet your needs.

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Top 7 Beginner Rolex Watches For 2022

For decades, Rolex has been a brand that people love collecting and wearing. So, assuming that you’re one of them, too, there could be two reasons for you to stumble across this blog. You already own a Rolex, and second, you want to own a Rolex happily. If you’re the latter, picking the first Rolex could be overwhelming. Certain timepieces sell for the same price as a decent house, but some can be affordable (feel free to interpret).

rolex watches for 2022

No matter what and how you perceive, you cannot deny that luxury watch brands like Rolex have earned the reputation they enjoy today. Nothing comes easy, and Rolex, a renowned luxury brand, has spent years obsessed with quality. This is the reason why you can always loan for Rolex in the pre-owned market. They have an excellent brand value!

Now, as a beginner, you can start curating your collection by investing in some beginner Rolex timepieces that by no means lack in quality. The same people design the watches with many similar materials in the same environment. So, keeping this in mind, let’s explore the top Rolex models that will give your collection a great start!

Top 7 Entry-Level Rolex Watches For 2022 are:

Oyster Perpetual Ref. 124300-0003

Everything that Rolex makes (spare the Cellini series) is an Oyster Perpetual. The name takes its inspiration from the brand’s two most incredible innovations. Firstly, the waterproof Oyster case, invented in 1926 and secondly, the self-winding Perpetual movement, invented in 1931. And the Rolex models which you see now are a combination of both. Moreover, the actual name of the Submariner is the Oyster Perpetual Submariner.

Rolex introduced the Oyster Perpetual range in the 1930s, typically the most modest and sophisticated of the lot. The watches have a timeless appeal and provide some of the best technical developments that Rolex is famous for.

The Oyster Perpetual Ref. 124300-0003 sports a 41mm Oyster steel case, a polished fixed bezel, a sunray blue finish exotic dial with luminous baton indices and hands, and a Chromalight display. The watch is versatile as it looks stunning with both casual and formal wear.

It is the aesthetics of the Oyster Perpetual timepieces that set them apart.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel
  • Case Diameter: 41mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3230
  • Power Reserve: Up to 70 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire

Rolex Explorer Ref. 124273

Rolex introduced the Explorer range in 1953, one of the world’s most durable and robust watches. The name rightly implied the watch’s origin and was made for people who love to travel. This Rolex’s sports model had accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to Mt. Everest, which itself makes it credible.

The Rolex Explorer Ref. 124273 is a creatively built and incredibly functional watch that will withstand any wear and tear. The watch comes in a 36mm Oystersteel and 18ct yellow gold case, where the dial boasts a gorgeous black colour with symmetrical hour markers. It has Arabic numeral markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively.

It is a watch for exploration. The mechanism includes a Parachrom handspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, increasing its desirability.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel & Yellow Gold
  • Case Diameter: 36mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3230
  • Power Reserve: Up to 70 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire

Rolex Air-King Ref. 116900

The Rolex Air-King made its debut in 1945 for the pilots and continues to make its presence felt in the catalogue with its striking features. The watches from this collection are incredibly robust and legible. The design was to help the pilots make swift flight decisions but has become a stylish accessory for both genders. The watch gives off a vintage feeling while roofing all modern materials that today’s collectors will readily appreciate.

The Rolex Air-King Ref. 116900 came out in 2016, and the timepiece boasts a humble yet powerful design that immediately hooks the attention. Coming in a 40mm Oystersteel case, the watch has a matte black dial with a combination of large 3, 6, and 9 numerals denoting the hours and a 5-minute gap. Also, it flaunts a signature that resembles the inscription found previously on the first Air-King model.

The watch offered easy navigation and today enjoys a high demand in the pre-owned market. If you invest in a Rolex Air-King today, be sure to witness an increasing value of the timepiece in the coming years. Meanwhile, if you need to pawn for Rolex, the Air-King model will fetch you a good value in the secondary market.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3131
  • Power Reserve: Up to 48 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire

Rolex Datejust Ref. 126331

Rolex launched the Datejust collection in 1945, which remains the brand’s most iconic collection with Cyclops lens, Jubilee bracelet, and a signature date display. The watch embodies several versatile details and is aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for any occasion. Investing in a Rolex Datejust today will serve you for the years to come.

The Datejust Ref. 126331 comes in a 41mm Oystersteel and Everose gold case, a fluted bezel, and a chocolate-coloured dial that makes the timepiece even more interesting to watch. The dial boasts a luxurious sunray finish with diamond hour markers in 18ct gold settings and luminous baton hands. The dial has always been an integral part of Rolex’s creation, and this reference is a clear reflection of the same. A date window and a Cyclops lens at 3 o’clock further highlight Rolex’s dedication to absolute precision and excellent craftsmanship.

The watch has been donned by several former world leaders, making it one of the most sought-after everyday watches.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel & Everose Gold
  • Case Diameter: 41mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3235
  • Power Reserve: Up to 70 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire

Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV

One of the most appealing Rolex’s collections of all time, the Milgauss sports extraordinary features and graceful aesthetics that make it a must-have in your beginner’s collection. The Milgauss is most famous for its outstanding ability to withstand strong magnetic fields of over 1000 gauss. Since its introduction in 1956, the Milgauss has secured its name as a highly advanced timepiece that comes together with an equally alluring watch face.

The Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV has a 40mm Oystersteel case and a jet-black dial with luminous baton-style hands and indices. The hour markers come in a white hue except for the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock that have a striking yellow shade. The bright orange-coloured lightning bolt-shaped second hand further adds to its charm.

With its clean lines and green sapphire unique watch crystal, the Milgauss is recognisable at a glance.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3131
  • Power Reserve: Up to 48 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Green Sapphire

Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 126600-0001

If you’re someone who fancies Rolex’s heritage of diving watches, then the Rolex Sea-Dweller collection is ideal. The story of the Sea-Dweller started in 1967 when Rolex wanted to create a timepiece that could go more profound than the Submariner, and hence, the Sea-Dweller was born with a patent helium escape valve. This feature makes the watch highly suitable for deep-water pursuits.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 126600-0001 counts as one of the best beginner Rolex models for its bulky design and commendable abilities. The watch has been designed for professional divers and comes in a 43mm Oystersteel case with a striking dial with large luminescent hour markers. It also has triangle and circular indices and a date window protected by a Cyclops lens at 3 o’clock for increased legibility. The watch has a unidirectional black 60-minute rotatable bezel that adds to the charm.

The unique design of the Sea-Dweller allows the divers to monitor their dives carefully.


  • Case Material: Oystersteel
  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3235
  • Power Reserve: Up to 70 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126719BLRO

It would be particularly unfair not to include the GMT-Master II in the line-up as the watches have a high demand and popularity in today. Practical and distinct, the watch was designed for the Pan-Am pilots and had massive popularity amongst Hollywood actors, tennis players, and others. After Rolex came out with the GMT-Master II in 1954, the watches continued to appeal to the collectors for their unique colour combination.

The GMT-Master II Ref. 126719BLRO comes in a 40mm white gold case with a meteorite dial, luminous hour markers, and finely-shaped hands. However, the highlight of the timepiece is the bi-colour and bi-directional Pepsi-style ceramic bezel with huge 24-hour circle markings in silver. The dial also sports a white signature that outlines the watch’s specifications.

The GMT-Master II remains in the limelight for its versatile appearance and robust features.


  • Case Material: White Gold
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Movement: Calibre 3285
  • Power Reserve: Up to 70 hours
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire


This is our list for the Rolex Top Beginners watches. The price of the watches may not appeal to you at once, but given the design, popularity, and increasing demand in the market, the watches are certainly worth investing in. Moreover, there is nothing wrong to get something you truly desire.

Also, not to forget the additional benefits that come along. For instance, you can always vouch for it during an emergency. If not sell it, you can take a loan against Rolex to meet your urgent needs. At The Luxury Hut, you will get a free instant quote for your Rolex. You can always pawn Rolex watch in London with them with complete confidence.

Anyway, in the end, it’s you who has to choose. Therefore, invest in something that will eventually add to your net worth!

Is Rolex Milgauss the ‘Top Catch’ for 2022?

The year 2022 has brought in a new wave of popularity, and many people have been speculating that is it about Rolex’s long over-looked model Milgauss? Well, you probably already know that the Milgauss is due for an update and that the coming months of 2022 might finally see one. Or is Rolex planning to discontinue the entire Milaguss range? No matter what Rolex decides, it will put the collection under the spotlight.

If Rolex decides to keep it as part of its catalogue, the Milgauss will receive a significant update aesthetically or technically. So, if you already own one, you can perhaps consider yourself lucky at the moment. Ask why! If Rolex discontinues Milgauss, the demand for the model will skyrocket. In that case, people will go crazy to get hold of one. Or, if you ever feel the need to get some urgent cash, the buyers in the secondary market will give a handsome loan against Rolex.

However, if Rolex truly discontinues the Milgauss range, it will put an end to what you can say is one of the most colourful and bright watches in the brand’s entire line-up. Hopping between bright hues of orange with a stunning green sapphire crystal and the most striking bolt-shaped second’s hand, the Milgauss is truly iconic! But somehow, the range has always been lost in the shadows of its more celebrated mates.

Since it’s 2022 and we are all in for some curious changes, let’s start by giving this humble collection its well-deserved limelight. Shall we?

What is the Rolex Milgauss?

Early History

The Rolex Milgauss came out in 1956, during what we can say the busiest time in the history of watchmaking. The period had a line of inventions starting from the Rolex Explorer, Day-Date, and the GMT-Master, which subsequently led to Milgauss getting lost in the crowd. The design was for the scientists who worked in an environment with strong magnetic fields and needed a watch to withstand the pressure.

The presence of a second internal case and a dial made of soft iron that collectively formed the Faraday cage allowed the Milgauss to curb the strong electromagnetic fields of up to 1000 gauss. (Mille: French for 1000 and Gauss: Unit of magnetic flux).

However, consumers opted for the other high-profile timepieces, which directly affected the sales of the Rolex Milgauss. The first two Milgauss references (Ref. 6543 and Ref. 6541) looked similar to the early Submariner designs. And, hence the second model was given a unique shape with the introduction of the lightning bolt second’s hand. But unfortunately, it didn’t do much good to boost the morale of the collection.

The Milgauss Return

In 2017, Milgauss made a comeback with stainless steel Rolex watches. It had enough innovations to make the collection stand out. The initial three releases came out with one white and two black dial versions. In 2014, the Z-Blue dial replaced the white dial, leading to further demand.

Today’s Milgauss Story

Given today’s modern-day trends, the Rolex Milgauss is considerably popular. And, the reason why it’s currently under the focus of all is because of its pending update. So, if Rolex decides to discontinue this entire range instead of updating the model, it will surely get people talking about it once again. This makes it the right time to invest in a Rolex Milgauss (It’s a Win-Win situation).

Is the Rolex Milgauss a good investment for 2022?

We might have responded differently if you had asked this question a couple of years back. But standing on today’s date, we can confidently say a yes! Anyone who has tried buying a Rolex’s sport watch knows how difficult it is to get one from an authorised dealer. With the scarcity of Rolex’s popular sports watches, the Rolex Milgauss has started to benefit for good!

The Milgauss has experienced soaring popularity in the past couple of years on the secondary market and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Will Rolex Milgauss increase in value?

Even though all Rolex watches hold value over time, a few specific models appreciate it. One of them is the Rolex Milgauss. Additionally, hard-to-find watches have a different demand slot in the watch market. If the rumours are true and Rolex chooses to discontinue the Milgauss, imagine the hype the collection would receive overnight! So, yes, the value of a Milgauss will increase in the coming years.

However, if you intend to loan against your Rolex watch amidst all the chaos and confusion, the experts at The Luxury Hut can help you with that immediately. Start by filling in an online form and receiving a free instant quote.