A Guide to Proprietary Rolex Bracelets and Clasps

October 5th, 2021

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The name ‘Rolex’ is inseparably associated with the notion of high-quality timepieces. Rolex’s unrivalled popularity and desirability result from an utmost commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation for over a century. People recognise and cherish this Swiss giant for its uncompromising standards in watchmaking.

Rolex has always stayed ahead of the creative curve through continual innovation over the years. However, one of the secrets to achieving iconic status is to choose the materials for its timepieces meticulously. Unlike many other watchmakers, Rolex produced almost everything in-house, including the exquisite bracelets and clasps.

Watch novices usually overlook the bracelet when getting their hands on a luxury watch. But the fact is the bracelet bestows a significant impact on a watch’s overall feel and look. So let’s take a look at the types of proprietary bracelets and clasps available in the brand’s contemporary collection.

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The Four Patented Rolex Bracelets

  • Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex designed the Jubilee bracelet exclusively for the Datejust model that debuted in 1945. However, the Jubilee is the oldest bracelet type that the brand still uses and also one of Rolex’s most complex bands. With five semicircular links, the bracelet lends an elegant air to the models with which it is paired.

You will find not only the Jubilee bracelet on Rolex’s dressier watches but also the current stainless steel GMT-Master II versions.

  • Oyster Bracelet

Rolex introduced the Oyster bracelet in 1948. Featuring three flat links, the Oyster is the most casual and tool-like Rolex’s metal bracelets. The brand has paired this bracelet with several top watches in Rolex’s iconic collections. Moreover, some models like the Air-King, Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Explorer offer only the Oyster bracelet option.

  • President Bracelet

Like the Jubilee, Rolex designed the President bracelet to introduce a new timepiece in 1956 – the Day-Date. The President bracelet comes with three rounded links – it looks like something between the Oyster and Jubilee. Nonetheless, Rolex makes this premium bracelet type in platinum or solid gold.

People commonly refer to the Day-Date as the ‘Presidential’ or ‘President’. However, these are the watch’s nicknames, but the official name of the bracelet is President.

  • Pearlmaster Bracelet

The luxurious Pearlmaster bracelet made its debut in 1992, pairing with the Rolex Pearlmaster models. The bracelet features five staggered, rounded links. Rolex has always offered the Pearlmaster as a premium bracelet option forged out of only precious metals. You will see the Pearlmaster on the luxurious Day-Date and Datejust versions.

The Three Rolex Clasps

Rolex provides three kinds of clasps that protect the bracelet from accidental opening. However, the watchmaker chooses the specific clasp depending on the practical purpose of every model.

  • The Oysterclasp

It is the simplest form of the Rolex clasp, available on non-tool watch collections. The Oysterclasp has a latching folding clasp with a lever mechanism that opens it. Moreover, it features the Rolex logo engraved on it.

  • The Oysterlock

Rolex equips the Oysterlock also with an extra latch to prevent accidental opening. You will find this durable and rugged clasp on most of Rolex’s sports models.

  • The Crownclasp

The brand launched this clasp type in the 1960s on the Day-Date model. The Crownclasp comes with a flawless locking system that makes the bracelet looks like a single band. You can spot the join by looking at the embossed Rolex crown fastener. However, this clasp type is available on selected editions of the Pearlmaster and Jubilee bracelets.

So there we have our guide to Rolex bracelets and clasp available in the brand’s current catalogue. We hope it will help those who are looking to purchase their first or next Rolex watch soon.

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