5 Rolex Watches that we’re lusting over in 2022

June 8th, 2022

Rolex watches are usually considered the standard in luxury watch investment. The watches look prestigious and carry high functionality and unmatched class status. When you think of Rolex, you imagine luxury. Given the impeccable demand the watches have in the market, the brand has built a strong reputation and recognition.

5 Rolex Watches

Therefore, it’s no surprise if the watches have a high resale value. Moreover, choosing the right Rolex model can help during financial emergencies, as pawnbrokers are always willing to offer a quick loan against Rolex watches.

However, you have to choose the right model to earn these benefits, which can be quite tricky. So, we have charted a list of the top Rolex models that guarantee a whopping return. These high-end watches come with high returns. Please do not worry about their design or functionality. Every timepiece that Rolex designed is a masterpiece.

Here we’re highlighting the best ones we’re in love with!

5 Of Our Favourite Rolex Watches In 2022


If you’re looking for the most popular Rolex, the mighty Submariner is the one to invest in. The watch is durable, attractive, and undeniably sporty. Coming with a two-tone bracelet design, the Submariner with Ref. 116613LB with stainless steel and gold is a masterpiece. Steel assures durability, and gold for elegance makes the Sub a glamorous timepiece.

You can wear the 116613LB on various occasions, including all the sea adventures. The 40mm case appears larger on the wrists and is a definite fun head-turner. When you look closely, you can see the large lume dots on the blue dial and the Cyclops lens over the date at 3 o’clock. The amazing contrast of the two metals offers a look that will easily become your go-to.

As Rolex discontinued the production of the 40mm Submariner in 2020 and changed it with a 41mm case, the Ref. 116613LB is the last one with a 40mm case size. The Submariners enjoy a huge market demand and especially in the pawn market. The London pawnbrokers will readily offer a great cash value if you take a loan against your Rolex.


What a beauty! Isn’t this what you say after looking at the Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116622? This Yacht-Master is truly a mesmerising sight with a 904L stainless steel case, platinum bezel and dial, and steel bracelet. The All-White look blends both function and form. Even though originally built for the sailors, the watch quickly made its space as a beautiful wristwatch. The watch with a 40mm case, bi-directional bezel, platinum dial with red accents and YACHT-MASTER text is a definite highlight in one’s closet.

Although platinum and steel are both white, the blend is so fabulous that the Yacht-Master stands out with the great contrasting look. Moreover, the high-polished raised numerals with a date window at 3 o’clock provide enough functionality. The watch sits comfortably on the wrist and is noticeably dressier. As this fancy-looking Yacht-Master is no longer in production, you can only try your hands in the pre-owned market.


Do you want a limited edition Rolex? Rolex came out with the Submariner Ref. 16610LV to celebrate its 50th anniversary, ‘The Kermit’. What a watch! It’s not compared to the Hulk but is one of the quirkiest Rolex timepieces to own. In contrast to the black dial, the stunning green rotational bezel is what sets it apart in the lot. The rich green hue is easily distinguishable. However, another feature that makes it noteworthy is the Ref. 16610LV’s unique ‘MAXI’ dial which has large hour markers.

Coming out in the 2000s, the Rolex ‘Kermit’ is one of those watches already selling at an overwhelming price in the secondary market. So, we suggest now is the right time to jump and grab this deal! Imagine the additional rewards that will come along with this green beauty. Do you know the reason behind all this hype?

The Submariner 16610LV is the brand’s first timepiece with the experimental green colour that soon became iconic. This is one of the few watches with an absolute stunning proportion that one can easily slide under the cuff. Watch lovers greatly fancy the timepiece, which further ensures its stability in the resale market.

4. GMT-MASTER II REF. 116713

Rolex created the GMT-Master II catalogue during the 1990s to help pilots track the numerous time zones. However, soon the collection became more than just a pilot’s tool. The stunning 40mm timepiece with a steel case, ceramic bezel, and sapphire crystals became one of Rolex’s most sought-after models, which are now a great investment variant too! The Ref. 116713 is a collector’s favourite for the super case and the maxi dial. The dial has large luminous hour markers, and the killer 24-hour green hand is what adds to its luxury appeal.

The two-tone combination of stainless steel and gold in the GMT-Master II 116713 is insanely attractive. The innovation of the new ceramic bezel makes it virtually scratch-resistant. Additionally, the two-tone bracelet is another most eye-catching element of this timepiece.

Overall the watch exudes Rolex’s premium quality and standard. If you truly want a Rolex that plays effortlessly with intrinsic functions and great appearance, the GMT-Master II 116713 is the one with a perfect balance.

5. DATEJUST II REF. 116334

We’ve said enough about the big and bold. Now is the time to suggest something sleek and slender. The Datejust II Ref. 116334, coming with a 41mm case, an elegant slate dial with diamond hour markers, an 18ct white gold fluted bezel, and an Oyster bracelet, seems like the perfect fit. The 904 stainless steel case and the bracelet offer enough robustness, and the slate dial with ten diamond markers is what keeps the dazzle going. However, as said, what really sets the 116334 apart is its alluring size.

Hence, if you’re looking for something extra luxurious and distinguishable on the wrist, the Datejust II Ref. 116334 is great. You can wear it on both special and regular days. Plus, this watch is no longer in production. This means it will be a nice collector’s timepiece that will retain its value over the years.


All the above said Rolex watches hold the highest value in terms of investment return. Furthermore, choosing any of them will ensure a high cash value if the need arises to take a quick loan against Rolex watches. The pawnbrokers in London will always offer a lump sum loan amount for a popular Rolex model.

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However, keeping aside the financial benefit, each timepiece holds a rich history, and the designs appeal at once.

Owning Rolex is a matter of great prestige, and when it’s one of the most prestigious models you own, you can expect to turn several heads in the room!